Lecture organizing major sporting events (Zurich)

At the University of Zurich in Switzerland at the beginning of July, a panel discussion was held on organizing major sporting events and the related rights of players and other workers. Among the guests was the chairwoman of ČAFH Mgr. Markéta Haindlová, who, together with other prominent experts, namely Andreas Graf, who acts as FIFA human rights manager or Secretary General of the Swiss Confederation of Trade Unions, Lucou Ciriliganem. Speaking of the dual nature of major sporting events. On the one hand, they have the potential to strengthen international human rights cooperation, but they are often discussed in the context of the risks associated with their planning and implementation, which, on the contrary, jeopardize human rights. The goal of Business and Human Rights – Interdisciplinary Challenges and Opportunities is to facilitate dialogue between professionals, students and practitioners from different backgrounds and academic disciplines who have been invited to discuss this interesting and very important topic. On the occasion of this conference, a meeting of the chairperson of CAFH was held in Zurich where FIFA headquarters also took place, with representatives of the football federation concerning the current situation in the Czech football world and the position of the players in it, especially their rights and interests.