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To both Czech and foreign clients, we offer comprehensive legal services.  Our primary specialization is sports law and related contractual, mitigation, dispute resolution and litigation service. Our lawyers, consultants and external experts provide legal and advisory services for athletes, sports clubs, associations and organizations as well as to public (private and government) sports authorities and entities.

Simultaneously,  we provide comprehensive legal services in other fields of law, specializing in personal protection, copyrights, commercial law and labour law with specialty focus on performing artist and creative professions.

Our professional engagement often contains a multi-national element. Our legal expertise extends beyond the borders of the Czech Republic.  We provide legal services at the international level in all the above-mentioned fields of law with core specialty focused on sports related dispute resolution and litigation.

Our track record with international dispute resolution bodies such as the FIFA DRC (Fédération Internationale de Football Association Dispute Resolution Chamber) or the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) in Lausanne, Switzerland creates a significant competitive advantage for our firm.

Sports Law

Sports law on both professional and amateur level, is our primary specialization. We provide comprehensive legal services to athletes, managers and sports organizations. The scope of services includes:

- Preparation, drafting and revision of professional sport contracts
- Risk assessment, legal counselling, mediation and litigation
- Representation of legal entities and individual athletes before the courts, arbitrational courts and governing bodies of sport organizations, such as the Disciplinary Committees and Dispute Resolution Bodies on both domestic and international levels
- Specialty representation of clients with disputes governed by FIFA DRC (Fédération Internationale de Football Association Dispute Resolution Chamber) or the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) in Lausanne, Switzerland

The essence of our legal assistance covers a variety of relationships between athletes and sports clubs.  The contractual relationship between the athlete and the club with a reference to the legal status of athletes has various specifics, especially in the matters of payment morale, remuneration or disputed recovery of outstanding remuneration of players from clubs. Our achievements and track record  in negotiated, mediated, disputed and litigated cases is based on the unique skill-set and knowledge of our experts  in the area of national and international case law.

We passionately focus of perfect knowledge of jurisprudence, judicature and case law and recognize the importance of interconnected relationships of the above while approaching all legal matters.

- Rights and liability of athletes
- Sports Regulations
- Labour Law
- Transfers of the Players
- Personal Rights and Code of Conduct Rights
- Doping and Substance Abuse
- Law of Sport Associations and Clubs
- Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) complience
- Counselling on the organization of sports events and related issues
- Sponsorship and Image Rights
- Sports management and marketing

Esports Law

In 2020, our Law Office also commenced to deal with the rapidly developing law of esports. The debate as to whether esport is or is not considered a sport in general is already obsolete, because wherever there is competition that has its rules, sanctions and a large number of similarities to sport, such an area requires the legal specialization of experts that our law firm is able to provide, outside others thanks to the rich experience in sports law as such.

Copyright and Media Law

- Intellectual property law
- Copyright Law
- Trademark Law
- Audio-Visual Property Related Issues
- Media & Publishing Law

The Legal Protection of Personality Rights

- Protection of the personality of a natural persona and protection of good reputation
- The right to the protection of personal data
- The right to freedom of expression and information
- Defamation Law


- Representation in arbitration and court proceedings
- Arbitration proceedings

Real Estate and Construction Business

- Lease and sublease agreement
- Purchase and sale of real estate
- Mortgage contract
- Easements and Special Use Permitting
- Construction and Land Use Law

Commercial Law

- Legal services and  commercial obligations advisory
- Company registrations and business licensesing
- Legal services in the field of competition and protection against unfair competition
- Enforcement of claims for caused damages and claims for unjust enrichment
- Consumer Protection Law

Civil Law

- Rights in rem (transfers of the property, retention and lien)
- Inheritance and inheritance proceedings
- Law of Obligations ( Drafting of Standard and Unnamed Contracts)
- Contract Law (Purchase Contracts, Employment Contracts, Warranty Contracts, Intellectual Property Contracts etc.)
- Family Law ( Settlement of joint property of spouses, legal services related to divorce, drafting of prenuptial agreements, exercise of parental rights – care of minors, representation of minors, representation in maintenance proceedings)

Distraint Execution/Collecting Judgememnt/Orders of Seizure

- Consulting from the beginning of the execution procedure for both – creditor/obligor


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