Daniel Kloud

Executive Director of the esports organisation Entropiq

"We have a long-term cooperation with Markéta Haindlová's office. We regularly use her services and appreciate especially her expertise, speed and reliability. Despite the fact that the esports industry is not yet well known in our country, we can always turn to Markéta with confidence thanks to her expertise in the field of traditional sports and together we are raising the bar in the field of esports law in the Czech Republic."

Ondřej Gregor Brzobohatý

Composer and Producer

"I have been cooperating with Marketa since 2015 and I regularly use the legal and consulting services of her office. Her diligence, experience and professional and human insight are the reasons why I entrusted myself to her professional care. Setting up a contractual framework for cooperation in the world of artists and creatives is not always an easy task, but it is Marketa who is able to manage and create a comfortable environment for me, which allows me to devote myself to my work without any worries or imminent risks."

Taťána Kuchařová

Model and Actress, Miss World

"I have been cooperating with Legal Office Marketa Vochoska Haindlova since 2015 and I regularly use the legal and consulting services of this office for the last 4 years, exclusively in cooperation with Mr. JUDr. Tomas Kotrlik, with whom Marketa introduced me and who legally represents me. The combination of care just as the professional and human insight are the reasons why I have entrusted myself in her professional care. Setting up a contractual framework for cooperation in the world of artists and creatives is not an easy task, but Tomas and Marketa are able to manage and create a safe legal environment that allows me and many other to pursue their profession without any fear."

Petra Vargová

FUCHS OIL COOPERATION (CZ) Company Executive and Financial Director

"We are cooperating with the Law Firm of Marketa Vochoska Haindlova for the third year now. During that time, all the agenda for which our company needs a legal advice was handed over to Marketa. She covers a variety of business matters, property processes or employment related items. We very much appreciate the professionalism, timely manner of the execution and the precise explanation of the issue. Always friendly attitude and patience are just as important to us, especially when it comes to ongoing and regular legal agenda."

Michael Fridrich

Golf Digest C & A (OnTheGreen a.s.)

"I have always been more than satisfied with the services of the Law Office of Marketa Vochoska Haindlova. The promptness and expertness, along with kindness and work ethic, are exactly the qualities that I seek in my legal representative. With a clear conscience, I can recommend Markéta's services to anyone who will ever need them."

Ivan Hašek

Former football player and football coach, former chairman of the Football Association of Czech Republic

"I can only recommend the legal services of Mgr. Markéta Vochoska Haindlova’s Law Office. Whenever I have turned on her with an issue from the field of law, she was always able to help me to my absolute satisfaction."

Jan Koukal

Sports Manager, Former Professional Squash Player

"Mgr. Markéta Vochoska Haindlová is the absolute top level professional in the area of sports law. Her knowledgeble help and services have been extremely useful to me during my professional squash career, but I got to appreciate the full extent of her expertise  after the end of my career in the role of the top Czech athlete’s manager. Thanks to Marketa, I am sure that  the athletes who I represent are well taken care of from legal and contractual perspective."

Alexander Choupenitch

Professional Fencer

"Very pleasant cooperation, fresh overview and fast communication. I can always turn to Marketa whether I need to solve a specific issue or even when I need a legal advise."

Martin Fenin

Professional football player

"Mgr. Markéta Haindlová poskytuje velmi odborné právní služby na patričné úrovni jak v oblasti sportovního práva tak i v rámci ochrany osobnosti. Její přístup je profesionální a zároveň lidský."

Miroslav Markovič

Professional football player

"I have no other than positive impressions of working with the Law Office of Marketa Haindlova. I am assured that with whatever problem I have, the work will be done for 100%. In my case, it turned out that without the help of Markéta Haindlová and her knowledge of sports law, I would not have a chance to play football at all for few months. The willingness to communicate, the effort to explain the problem in detail and the proposal of an immediate solution are important for the satisfaction of every client. To sum it up, I have a complete confidence in Mrs. Haindlová and her whole team, because everyone fully understands what they´re doing and thanks to that is everything very fast and efficient."

Mário Lička

Professional football player

"The work done was flawless, in a short period of time and above all purposeful, thanks to which the player can really focus solely on football and doesn´t have to deal with non-football tricks or pitfalls prepared by our employers."

Lukáš Droppa

Professional football player

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Markéta Vochoska Haindlová for helping me in my difficult situation in which I found myself due to the financial problems of my former club. Today, after a long time, I was finally able to play the first match for my new club against CSKA. After a good performance we lost, but for me the victory is to be on the field again. Thanks to Markéta and all those who helped me in my difficult times."

Jakub Diviš

Professional football player

"Recently I have found myself in the situation that needed to be resolved quickly and I admit that it was not easy at all. That´s why I have turned to lawyer Markéta Haindlová. The whole problem was solved in a short time, in a professional way and to my satisfaction."


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